Hi Parents,

This week we had a great week learning about the letter U. Here is a snapshot of our week…

On Tuesday our theme was ‘Under water.’ In morning centers, the kids worked on adding fish and other under water creatures, they played with kinetic sand and sea creatures, and they painted under the table! They also worked on creating sea creatures with pattern blocks. In afternoon centers, the kids played in a water sensory bin with sea creatures, they traced and made shapes, and they worked on graphing with shapes on a fish. We ended the day with some Dr. Seuss activities that we weren’t able to do last week for Dr. Seuss day. We read “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket” and then looked at what was silly in the book and what was real. The kids also made drawings of something silly in their own pocket. These turned out really cute.

On Wednesday our theme was ‘A Great Day for Up.’ In morning centers, the kids counted rain drops (beads) under umbrellas, they played a letter game, and they painted a balloon with balloons! These will be hanging in our hallway. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, sign language, zoo phonics, and math/science. We ended the day by having extra time outside on the playground, since it was over 70 degrees, and having chapel. The kids learned about why we celebrate Easter in chapel, ask your child about it!

On Thursday our theme was ‘Umbrellas and Unicorns.’ In morning centers, the kids counted erasers on to unicorn 10 frames, they stamped U’s on an umbrella and then colored it and cut it out, and they made cards for our friend Lane. I was able to send those out today. Your kids are so thoughtful, it was all their idea! In afternoon centers, the kids played a unicorn emotions game, they found animals in rice bins and clipped them on to clips, and they made a unicorn out of the letter U. This was a tricky cutting project that they weren’t able to finish. They will finish them next week and I’ll send them home.

Next week is our last week before spring break. We will talk about the letter G. Time is flying by!

Take Care,