Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter Gg. Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Growing Gardens. In morning centers, the kids counted beads on to the stems (pipe cleaners) of flowers with numbers on them, they matched upper and lowercase letters with clothes pins, and they did some graphing with a garden theme. In afternoon centers the kids ‘planted flowers’ with kinetic sand and plastic flowers, they measured different size flowers with unifix cubes, and they worked on a butterfly themed color by shape. We ended the day by planting grass seed in cups. We will let these grow until after spring break and then the kids will get to cut the grass with their scissors!

On Wednesday our them was Gumball Graphing. In morning centers, the kids counted buttons on gumball number mats, they made a gumball machine by cutting out all of the pieces and then gluing it together, and they worked on a beginning sound letter match. They had to place the letters that made the beginning sound on the pictures. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, sign language, zoo phonics, and math/science. We ended the day by finishing our gumball machines and going to chapel.

On Thursday our theme was St. Patrick’s Day, and we all wore green. In morning centers, the kids worked on a St. Patrick’s Day look and find, they made towers on rainbows with numbers, and they worked on St. Patrick’s Day themed pom pom mats. In the afternoon we ended up doing art early so that we could make sure we had time to finish cutting and gluing our flower gardens. I posted pictures of these on GroupMe, they turned out great! We ended the day by doing a coin scavenger hunt in the classroom and then counting the coins that were found. We had a few minutes left so we got some toys out to finish up the day.

Next week we’ll talk about the letter Uu. Don’t forget that grandparent’s day is Tuesday. Looking forward to it!!

Take Care,