Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter Uu. Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was ‘Under Water’ and it was grandparents day. Our morning was spent singing for our grandparents. What a fun program, the kids did great! Hopefully grandparents enjoyed it as much as we did. In afternoon centers, the kids worked on some under water adding, they played with kinetic sand and shells, and they worked on sea pattern blocks. We ended the day by finishing the ‘spring colors’ book that we started in centers.

On Wednesday our theme was ‘A Great Day For Up.’ In morning centers, the kids counted rain drops (beads) under umbrellas with numbers on them, they painted a balloon with balloons, and they used magnet blocks to find beginning sounds and create their names. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, zoo phonics, sign language and math/science. We ended the day with an activity called ‘hey riddle riddle’ with the letter Uu.

On Thursday our theme was ‘Umbrellas and Unicorns.’ In morning centers, the kids worked on unicorn themed 10 frames, they wrote U’s on umbrellas and then cut the umbrella out, and they played a unicorn game about emotions. In the afternoon the kids made a unicorn with the letter U. This was a lot of cutting and the kids did a great job following directions!! We ended the day with art making our underwater pouches. I hope they showed these to you! This is one of my favorite projects.

Have a wonderful spring break! We will see you on April 4th.

Take Care,