This week we learned about the letter U. Tuesday was Underwater Adventures Day. We started the day writing our first and last names. Then we had our Grandparents Day performances. We took pictures with our grandma and grandpas, performed some songs, and watched a video. For centers, we made underwater pouches and flashlights to go with them. These are always my favorite projects and the kids are always so amazed! We also practiced writing upper and lowercase U’s and played with kinetic sand. At the end of the day, we sorted animals into living in the ocean or living on land and finished our underwater pouches. We also had story time.

Wednesday was a great day for UP. We started the day finding all the U’s. In centers, we finished our underwater pouches, did our U cutting page, rolled dice and made that number with Unifix cubes, and built with Picasso tiles. For specials, we watched our Zoo Phonics video and practiced our letter sounds and motions. At the end of the day, we did a step by step drawing of an umbrella under the tables. The kids really loved this! We also read under the tables which was also fun for them.

Thursday was Umbrella and Unicorns day. We started the day coloring a unicorn page. For centers, we did a U is for umbrella page tracing U’s and coloring an umbrella, our U letter review page, did a fish number match game, and put different objects on U. For art, we painted with balloons. These were fun to make and turned out awesome! At the end of the day we made some foil fish, which also turned out pretty cool and also read some Flat Stanley books to get ready for Spring Break. I cannot wait to see what you and your flat friend did together over break. Enjoy your break and see you in April!