This week we learned about the letter E. Tuesday was Elephant Fun day. We started the day with an elephant coloring page. For morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lowercase E, did elephant magnets, a dot to dot elephant, and eyes on E page. In afternoon centers, we made Es with geo boards, made Elmer Elephant, did pop it numbers, and played with googly eyes in kinetic sand. At the end of the day we did an elephant count book and story time.

Wednesday was All about Emotions day. We started the day practicing writing our first and last names. In centers, we did a feelings mat, emotion cards, emoji erasers roll and count, and E cutting page. For specials we did our Zoo Phonics video and letter cards. At the end of the day, we played with play doh.

Thursday was E is for egg day (Humpty Dumpty) We started the day finding all of the Es. In centers, we practiced Es on the writing tablets, did our E letter review page, did a humpty dumpty roll and cover, and a humpty dumpty cut and glue page. For art, we color cut and glued an egg together. At the end of the day, we played games and read some stories.