Hi Parents,

For the entire month of May we review all of the letters. Here’s a snapshot of our week…

On Tuesday we reviewed the letters Aa, Mm, Ww, and Jj. In morning centers for the letter Aa, the kids spun a spinner and used tweezers to count ‘Apples’ (pom poms) on to a tree. For the letter Ww the kids sorted Winter and summer pictures. For the letter Mm the kids followed a recipe to make Mud pies, and for the letter Jj the kids used magnet wands with Jingle bells and bottles. In the afternoon we had ‘glow’ centers. We turned the lights off, closed the window blind and used lite Brites and light up drawing boards. The kids also wrote and drew with outline pens, and I made them glow with a black light flashlight. We may do this again, the kids loved it! We ended the day by working on their last monthly name writing and coloring sheet.

On Wednesday we reviewed the letters Ff, Oo, Rr, and Pp. In morning centers for the letter Pp, the kids counted buttons on to Pete the Cats shirt, for the letter Rr the kids worked on a Rainbow beginning sound match, and for the letter Oo the kids put together Opposite puzzles. For the letter Ff, the kids cut and glued the beginning sound letter under different Farm animals. In the afternoon we completed a listening activity where the kids colored while I give them directions. We ended the day with a shape write the room. The kids had to find the shapes on their paper in the room and color the shape. They also had to write the name of the shape underneath the picture.

On Thursday we reviewed the letters Nn, Tt, Zz, and Bb. It was also our letter Bootcamp day! In morning centers for the letter Tt, Transportation, the kids had to park cars in parking spaces with dots in them. They had to find the car with the correct number on it that corresponded with each of the parking spots. For the letter Zz, the kids played with Zoo animals and kinetic sand and made cages for them with popsicle sticks. The other 2 centers were for our letter Bootcamp book. In the afternoon the kids finished their letter boot camp book and also worked on puzzles and used magnets. We ended the day with art. The kids colored snap bracelets. These were given to me by a friend, so it was a perfect end of the year project.

Next week is camping day on Tuesday and more review! As always, me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take Care,