This week we started our review month. Tuesday we reviewed the letters A,M,W,J and we celebrated Bronson’s birthday! We started the day by coloring a letter A page. In morning centers, we made an Ally Alligator project, wrote about our favorite kind of muffin, played with Wiki sticks, and did some jellybean addition. In afternoon centers, we finished our alligators, played a muffin game, did our May writing and coloring page, and did some jellybean measuring. At the end of the day, we did our Farm Following Directions page for May and had story time.

Wednesday we reviewed the letters F,O,P,R and celebrated Matthew’s birthday. We started the day coloring pigs and cows. In morning centers, we played a number build a flower game, put farm animals in order of size, played with play-doh, and decorated rainbows. In afternoon centers, we did farm patterns, played an opposites game, played with Picasso tiles, and wrote about sharing on our rainbow fish page. At the end of the day we did a color by number and had story time.

Thursday was Alphabet Boot camp Game and we wore camo. We also reviewed the letters N,T,Z,B and celebrated Vale’s birthday. We started the day coloring Baby Yoga for Star Wars Day. In centers, we did boot camp books, did a names project, wrote about our favorite Zoo Phonics animal, and practiced ten frames. For art, we used paint dabbers to make a Star Wars sign. At the end of the day, we continued working on our boot camp books. Next week, we will continue reviewing more letters and have camping day and start graduation practice.