Hi Parents,

We had another fun week reviewing our letters! Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday we reviewed the letters Ii, Ss, Xx and Cc. It was also Camping day! In morning centers, the kids worked on camping themed 10 frames for the letter C, they matched beginning letter sounds in a snow globe for the letter S, and they played with ice cream kinetic sand kits for the letter I. In the afternoon we had a chance to sing around a pretend campfire, go inside my huge tent and read camping books. The kids also did a camping themed scavenger hunt. This was so much fun! A lot of the kids had never been in a tent before. We ended the day by doing a ‘hey riddle riddle’ for the letter E and releasing our butterflies!

On Wednesday we reviewed the letters Dd, Hh, Ll, and Vv. In morning centers, the kids flipped a card and marked the number with heart erasers for the letter H, they colored a lollipop color by number for the letter L, and they worked on dental themed rhyming cards for the letter D. In afternoon centers the kids made shapes on GEO boards and built with LEGO’s and we also did a beginning sound activity and wrote letters. We ended the day with graduation practice and finishing our beginning sound sheets.

On Thursday we reviewed the letters Gg, Uu, and Ee. In morning centers, the kids marked 10 frames on gumball themed mats for the letter G, they found elephants in rice bins for the letter E, and they wrote their letters and numbers under the table for the letter U. They thought this was really fun! In the afternoon we had graduation practice and also read a giant-sized book of ‘Goodnight Gorilla.’ After reading the book the kids had to remember the sequence of the animals and cut and glue them in order. We finished the day with art and painted a bicycle with q-tips.

Next week is our last week of school. The year went by so fast! Don’t forget Tuesday is field day. We will be spending the afternoon outside so please put sunscreen on your child. Also, if you don’t normally send a water bottle, please send one on Tuesday so we can have them outside. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take Care,