This week was “N” week. We started the week off with Noodle Necklace day. For morning work, we found all the N’s. In morning centers, we practiced writing capital and lower case N, glued noodles to an N, painted leaves with dabbers, and made Ns on geoboards. In the afternoon, we used noodles to make our names, counted noodles, did letter puzzles, and did noodle patterns. At the end of the day we made our own noodle necklaces! We also had story time before going home for the day.

Wednesday was Nothing but Numbers Day. We started the day coloring the letter N. For morning centers, we figured out what numbers come next, practiced more N writing and finding words that start with N, did a candy corn counting game, and played with number pop its. For specials, we focused on the letter N for phonics and learned about the new sound, animal, and motion. We also practiced other letters of the alphabet and watched the Zoophonics video. At the end of the day we played with number puzzles and had chapel. In chapel, we learning about Operation Shoebox, which we will be filling up next week!

Thursday was Nifty Names day. We started the day practicing writing our first and last names. In morning centers, we did some more tracing of our first names, did an N review page, counted how many letters are in our name and colored a ten frame, and used dry erase boards to practice writing our names. For art class, we made name ghosts. These turned out so cute! At the end of the day we played Bingo and had story time.