This week we learned about the letter Z. Tuesday was Zoo Madness Day. We started the day coloring a zoo page. In morning centers, we wrote about what animal we would want to be, did a z cutting page, a zoo maze and number sheet, and played with Picasso tiles. In afternoon centers, we played with play doh, did animal patterns, and put together our nativity scene ornaments. In art, we made our fingerprint frames. We ended the day with story time.

Wednesday was zigzags and zippers day. We started the day playing with toys. In centers, we wrote and drew our favorite zoo phonics animal, did our Z letter review page, traced zigzags, and practiced zippering coats. We also did a cutting activity with zig zags. We had chapel this day and talked about why we celebrate Christmas.

Thursday was Zeke Zebra day and we started the day practicing writing our first names. In morning centers, we made a zig zag Z, found all the z’s, substitizing cards, and made Z’s with geo boards. In afternoon centers, we finished our nativity ornaments, colored our wood ornaments, made patterns with tangrams, and beginning letter animal cards. At the end of the day, we did zoo counting books together as a class. Thanks for all that came out for Kids Night Only, it was awesome! See you next week for J week, jellybeans, Jesus, and Jingle Bells 🙂