This week was Z week. On Tuesday, our theme was Zoo Day. For morning work, we colored a picture of the zoo. We also celebrated Vince’s birthday. Happy 5th birthday! In morning centers, we wrote about what animal we would want to be in a zoo, practiced writing upper and lowercase Z’s. We also did animal pattern blocks and made a name pumpkin puzzle. In afternoon centers, we made zoo patterns, a zoo train, started our name books, and made our names with Playdoh. At the end of the day, we filled up the shoe boxes for Operation Shoe Box. This was so fun and the kids and I felt good giving these to children in need. We also read some zoo books to end our day.

Wednesday was zigzags and zippers day. For morning work, we practiced writing our first and last names. In morning centers, we practiced letter Z and found words that start with Z. We also cut zig zags and practiced zipping zippers with zip ups. In specials, we learned about the letter Z in phonics. We learned a new animal, sound, and motion and watched the Zoophonics video. At the end of the day, we did a color by number and finished some makeup work. Then we had story time to end our day.

Thursday was Zeke the Zebra day. He is our animal in Zoophonics for the letter Z. For morning work, we found all the letter Z’s on a paper. For morning centers, we did a zoo maze, traced zig zags, and did a Z letter review page. We also counted animals and found beginning letter sounds for different animals. For art, we painted lion manes with forks. These turned out so cute! At the end of the day, we made our own Zoo counting books. What a great week!

Next week we are learning about the letter T. Turkey Tuesday, Triangle and Transportation Wednesday, and Thankful Thursday 🙂 Wear brown on Thursday.