Hi Parents,

We had another great week! Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was “Pretend Pizza Party.” In morning centers, the kids followed a recipe and counted toppings on to a ‘pizza crust’ (felt), they counted pizzas and glued the numbers, and they colored by shape on a pizza. In afternoon centers, the kids used kinetic sand with pumpkins and spiders, they used tweezers to put beads in to jars, and they worked on a pizza color by number. Since it was Halloween, we ended the day with pumpkins! First, we looked at a small pumpkin and predicted whether or not it would float (it did!), then, I cut open a pumpkin so the kids could see inside. I also let them reach in and take out some seeds if they wanted to. Finally, we painted the pumpkins! All 3 of them are sitting on the rocks near the drop off/pick up line so be sure to check them out.

On Wednesday our theme was “Super Shapes.” In morning centers, the kids used pattern blocks to make pictures, they cut out shapes for our art project on Thursday, and they made shapes on GEO boards using rubber bands. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, science/math, sign language, and zoo phonics. We ended our day with chapel. Ask your child about the story of Noah.

On Thursday our theme was “Creating Colors.”  In morning centers, the kids marked numbers on ‘spot it’ mats, they cut lines on a cutting sheet, and they mixed colors using eye droppers and vinegar/water on baking soda. This was a really fun, and fizzy, center! In the afternoon the kids did a color write the room. They had to find the correct monster and then write the color that was written under it. This was a good challenge for them, they are doing a great job forming their letters! We ended the day with art. The kids made shape people with the shapes they had cut out on Wednesday. They turned out really cute, I’ll try to post pictures on GroupMe!

Next week we will talk about the letter N. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,