Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter F! Here’s a snap shot..

On Tuesday our theme was Frogs. In centers the kids spun a spinner and jumped a plastic jumpy frog on to a lily pad that matched the number they spun, they stamped their name on to a lily pad, and they used kinetic sand with frogs and bugs. In afternoon centers the kids put beads in jars with tweezers, they stacked monkeys in a barrel, and they drew a frog with my direction. When they finished the frog, they cut it out and glued it on the lily pad that their name was stamped on. These are always a great project especially the directed drawing! We ended the day with a class activity, feeding the frog. The kids had to pick a letter from a pile and tell me the letter and the sound before they could feed it to the frog. They had to hop like a frog to get to the letters and to the frog, it was a fun activity.

Our theme for both Wednesday and Thursday was fun on the Farm! In centers on Wednesday the kids picked berries (pom poms) with tweezers and put them in baskets, they made fence patterns with popsicle sticks, and they completed a creative writing activity about what animal was in their own barn on the farm. In the afternoon we had our first day of specials. For specials all of the classes rotate through each classroom for 15 minutes. Mrs. Brandi teaches math, Mrs. Leslie teaches sign language, Mrs. Brenda teaches zoo phonics, and I teach Spanish. We will do this every Wednesday afternoon through the rest of the year. We ended our day with a listening activity.

On Thursday in centers the kids completed a farm color by number, they made worms with kinetic sand by making and counting balls to complete the body, and they sorted farm animals and zoo animals. In afternoon centers the kids used clip cards with upper and lowercase letters, they counted corn in order to ‘feed the animals’ in the barn, and they finished a farm pattern sheet. We ended the day with art. The kids used q-tips to paint a pig and a chick. These turned out really cute!

Please have your child continue to practice writing his/her name. I can tell they have been working hard on them and love seeing the progress!

Next week we talk about the letter Rr. As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Take Care,