This week we learned about the letter R. Tuesday’s theme was Robots and Rectangles. It was also Picture Day and we celebrated Evangeline’s birthday! We started the day with a robot coloring sheet. For morning centers, we traced the letter R, and played a game called Roll a robot. The kids got to make robots with tangrams. We also did robot patterns and a trace, color, cut page about rectangles. They also got to make rectangles on geoboards. In afternoon centers, we practiced our letters, counted robot gears, and did some fine motor skill activity with pom pom balls. We also got to measure robots using unifix cubes. To end the day we make our very own Rectangle Robots and read some stories about robots.

Wednesday was Rockin’ Rockets Day. We started the day practicing writing our first and last names. We did an R cutting page where they had to find the pictures that started with R and glue them. We traced the alphabet on rockets and got to do our first sensory bin! This bin was filled with kinetic sand, stars, planets, and moon rocks. The kids really loved this. They also got to make their own rockets with unifix cubes. For specials, the kids learned some new Spanish, sign language, math, and phonics. They learned the new animal, sound, and movement for the letter R. At the end of the day, we colored and cut out our own rockets and glued them on a piece of paper. We also read some stories about space and rockets.

Thursday was Radiant Rainbow Day! We started the day finding all the upper and lower case Rr’s. In morning centers, we finished some work from the week and played with some kinetic sand. We did an R review page where they had to trace the letter, find the letter, write the letter, and color the pictures that start with the letter R. They played a color rainbow game with dice and depending on what number they landed on that’s what color crayon they had to use. We also made name strips so that we could make their very own rainbows! They learned the correct order of the rainbow and glued the strips onto their name clouds. For art, they got to use cotton balls and fruit loops to make a cloud and rainbow R. They turned out very cute! To end the day, we did our first color the room. We gathered into the big room and the kids had clipboards. They had to go around and find all the letters of the alphabet and once they found the letter they colored it on their paper. It was great to see them moving around and learning! We ended the day with some rainbow stories. Next week we will learn about the letter O. Come prepared to learn about opposites, owls, ovals, and orange. We also have our field trip to the pumpkin patch next week!