This week was O week! Tuesday’s theme was Opposites Day. We started the day finding all the O’s. The fire department came to visit and teach us fire safety. The kids loved it! We got to see a firetruck and talk to a firefighter about what to do if there is a fire and see what a firefighter looks like with all his/her gear on. We got firefighter hats and coloring books! For afternoon centers, we practiced tracing upper and lowercase O’s, did an opposites puzzle, found the big and small pictures, and connected different sets of opposites. In the afternoon, we did some makeup work and talked more about opposites, even read some stories about opposites and the the letter O.

Wednesday was Owls and Ovals Day! We started the day practicing writing our first and last names. In morning centers, we practiced writing Os and found the pictures that start with O. We also matched owl letters upper to lowercase, practiced tracing ovals, make an oval book, and made circles and ovals out of playdoh. In specials, the kids learned spanish, sign language, math, and phonics. In phonics, we watched the Zoophonics video and focused on the letter O. We learned about Olive Octopus, her sound and motion. We also reviewed other letters of the alphabet. At the end of the day, we had chapel and learned about Noah’s Ark.

Thursday was wear orange day and observe the outside! We started the day coloring an O orange. In morning centers, we practiced writing O’s and cut and glued pictures that start with O. They also played a roll, add, color game with fall leaves. They rolled a rice, added the dots on the dice, and then colored the leaf with that number. They colored pictures orange that are the color orange and did a push pin pumpkin. For art class, we painted with cotton balls and made our own beautiful fall trees. At the end of the day, we got to go outside and observe all the beautiful colors of fall. They loved to get outside and enjoy the nice fall day!

I had so much fun at the field trip today to the pumpkin patch! It was great to see you all having a blast 🙂

See you next week for P week! Get ready to learn about the letter P with a pretend pizza party, have our harvest/Halloween party, decorate some pumpkins, and have a PJ and popcorn day with a movie 🙂