This week was F week. Tuesday was F is for frog day. We started the day reading and looking at books with friends. For centers we traced upper and lowercase F’s, did a F is for Frog page by finding all the F’s, counted with Frog number cards, and practiced cutting out a star. In the afternoon, we talked about the life cycle of a frog and did our F cutting page together as a class. We also got to color a frog when we were finished. For art, we painted our feet for our piggies in the ABC farm. We ended the day with story time with some frog books.

Wednesday was ABC farm day. We started the day by tracing and writing our first names. In centers, we traced the alphabet, matched upper and lower case letters, did a farm patterns page, and made farm fences with colored popsicle sticks. We had our first day of specials. The kids got to rotate through all 4 all day classrooms. They had phonics with me, Spanish, Math, and sign language. We watched the Zoophonics video and went over the animals and the letter sounds of each letter we have done so far. At the end of the day, we did a farm following the directions page. The kids had to listen to the directions and color the farm the exact colors I told them to. We will also do this at the end of the school year to see how much they improved.

Thursday was also ABC farm day. We started the day coloring our own cows. They colored them some fun colors! In morning centers, we did our F letter review page, spelled words with an animal train, put animals in order of shortest to tallest, and made squares and rectangles with geo boards. In afternoon centers, we rolled dice and had to find 1 more and 1 less of that number, we played with Picasso tiles, and finished some unfinished work. At the end of the day, we did another following directions activity since some had trouble on the first one. We ended the day with some farm stories. Looking forward to next week with our R week, robots, rockets, and rainbows 🙂