Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom


This week we focused on the letter O & the color orange


This weeks devotions:

“The Best Kind of Friend”- 1 Cor 13:5

” A Big Boost”- 1 Cor 13:7

“Love First”- 1 Cor 14:1

“An Amazing Place”- 1 Cor 15:43


Books we read:

Little Owl’s Day

Penguin & Pumpkin


Centers this week:

We colored an octopus orange for our Oo ABC page

We did tanagram shape puzzles

We graphed & sorted bears by color

We dot painted an octopus picture 

We practiced writing on the white board

We colored an “orange objects” page

We threaded buttons

We did !:1 correspondence using math peg boards

We learned yellow + red= orange by using eyedroppers to mix both colors together!

We had fun using a fall sensory bin-using spoons to fill up buckets with pumpkins, leaves, orange ribbon, etc.



We made adorable owls, gluing bodies, big eyes, feet, & beaks together

We also made handprint farm animals this week! Our roosters & chickens are super cute!



We’ve noticed that quite a few of our kiddos are struggling with their grip.  We are doing lots of fine motor work to help improve this, but it will be super helpful if they do some of this at home too! Some easy things to do at home are stringing beads (even stringing cereal, like Cheerios or dry pasta noodles is fun) using stickers, eyedroppers, tearing paper–all of this helps with their fine motor skills. Encourage writing & coloring, and make sure they are using the correct 3-finger (thumb, index, middle finger) grasp.  We will be introducing scissors soon, so if your child has scissors at home, that’s awesome for them to start practicing with those as well!  Thank you!


Until Next Week,

Mrs. Kelli