This week we learned about the letter F! Tuesday’s theme was Fantastic Frog Day. We started the day coloring a frog. For morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lower case F’s and found all the letter F’s on a page of multiple letters. We practiced making squares with rubber bands on geoboards and practiced cutting. In afternoon centers, we traced and wrote letter F’s and did number puzzles. We also started writing our Favorite Books and did some frog cutting. At the end of the day, we played some Fun games with our Friends! We also read some books about frogs and the letter F.

Wednesday our theme was Fun at the ABC Farm! We started the morning practicing writing our first and last names. In morning centers, we practiced tracing letters of the alphabet and matched upper and lower case letters onto a tractor. We also cut out words that begin with the letter F and finished our Favorite books. We had our first week of specials today. In our class, we watched the ZooPhonics video and practiced the animal, sound, and movement for the letter F and other letters that we’ve learned so far in school. They also got to go to other classrooms to learn Spanish, sign language, math, and science. At the end of the day, we did our Farm Following Directions. We do this at the beginning of the year and the end to see their progress in following directions. We ended the day listening to some farm stories.

Thursday we had another farm day. We started the day coloring a farm animal. For morning centers, we did F letter review where they had to find F’s, write F’s, and color words that start with F. We counted seeds with different seed packets and traced numbers. We also made fence patterns with colored popsicle sticks. This was very fun! For art class, we made footprint piggies. This was so fun because they were so ticklish and the pigs turned out so cute 🙂 We also did chick q-tip paintings while they were waiting to get their foot painted. To end the day, we did a color by number and read some more stories. Next week we will learn about the letter R! Come ready to learn about Robots, Rectangles, Rockets, and Rainbows 🙂 Thank you so much for all the parents that offered to donate and help for the Harvest Party. If you told me what you wanted to bring, I wrote it down. And thank you to my first 4 party helpers. I started at the beginning of the alphabet to make it fair, so if you didn’t get picked this time, you will for another party. Even if you didn’t get picked you can still come to the party!