Hi Parents,

We had a great second week of school, which was all about apples! Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was ‘A is for apple.’ In morning centers, the kids counted ‘apples’ (pom poms) on to trees using tweezers, they worked on an apple pin poke, and colored and wrote in their apple shape book. In afternoon centers the kids built with LEGO’s, finished their apple pin poke and they worked on a ‘just a dot of glue’ apple. We ended the day with an activity called ‘count the room.’ The kids had clip boards with a paper that had apples and numbers on it. They had to go find the apples on the walls around the room and count how many dots were in the 10 frames. Once they counted, they had to find the matching number on their sheet and trace it, then write it. This was a good challenge for them! We will do several ‘count the rooms’ as well as ‘write the rooms’ throughout the year.

On Wednesday the theme was ’10 Apples up on top.’ The kids loved reading the book! In morning centers, the kids used magnets with magnet wands, they cut and glued apples in sequence by how much was bitten out of it, and they wrote their name on apples and glued them above their picture. In afternoon centers the kids colored their apple sequence from the morning, used kinetic sand, and stuck apple stickers above the characters from the book based on the number written below them. We finished the day with our monthly coloring and name writing page and finished our apple counting.

On Thursday our theme was ‘apple tasting.’ In morning centers, the kids colored apple shapes, made shapes with Mega Blocks, and practiced writing the letter Aa. They also tasted apples! They tried red, yellow and green apples and decided which one was their favorite. The class favorite was green. (I was surprised!) In afternoon centers the kids used funnels with beads and scooped them into bottles, they stacked monkeys in a barrel, and they counted apples and stuck an apple sticker over the correct number. We ended the day with art and the kids painted with apples!

If you have time at home, have the kids work on writing their names and practice cutting, that will help them in class. I’m looking forward to another fun week next week!

Take Care,