Hi Parents,

We had another great week of school! I know it’s still an adjustment, but I think we are all getting used to the routine and schedule. We had a lot of fun Aa themes this week. Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was ‘Astronauts.’ In morning centers, the kids drew a card and counted moon rocks onto a 10 frame, they practiced writing their names, and they painted the moon with aluminum foil. In afternoon centers the kids used fidget snap sticks and suction animals, they put together puzzles, and they decorated their name made out of bubble letters. (they colored, used stamps and put stickers on it) We ended the day by reading ‘Goodnight Moon.’ We looked for the hidden mouse and talked about all of the words in the book that rhyme. I then passed out cards with pictures from the book on it and the kids had to find the picture that rhymed with their own picture.

On Wednesday our theme was ‘Ally Alligator.’ We started the day by reading about Croc and Ally. Then, in morning centers, the kids built the letter Aa with snap cubes and wrote the letter, they stamped the letter A with bubble wrap and cut it out (we finished it later to make our alligators. I posted a picture in GroupMe!) and they also counted paper clips on to popsicle sticks with magnets and numbers on them. In afternoon centers, the kids drew on dry erase boards, they made letters with kinetic sand, and they finished their alligator! This was a challenging cutting project for them. I’m so proud of them for working hard and trying their best!! We ended the day with chapel, which we will have once a month. Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Christina talked about creation.

On Thursday the theme was ‘Ants in our pants.’ In centers the kids, spun a spinner and counted ‘ants’ on to grass, they made shapes with rubber bands on GEO boards, and they painted ants on pants. In afternoon centers the kids built with LEGO’s, played the game ‘ants in my pants’ and cut and glued the moon that they painted on Tuesday on to a black piece of paper along with a cut out of them as an astronaut. This is one of my favorite projects! We ended the day with art. The kids cut grass out of construction paper and then made an ant with different colored circles and drew the face, antenna, and legs. These are currently hanging in the hallway but will come home when I take them down.

Next week we will talk about the letter M. Thursday is also our field trip to Fair Oaks Farm! Let me know if you have any questions.

Take Care,