This week we focused on activities around apples and astronauts. We also talked about the letter Aa and the sound the letter Aa makes. We came up with words that started with the letter Aa. They were apple, astronaut, ant, and alligator.

On Tuesday, we talked about astronauts. We read the story The Adventures of Abby Alligator out of our Alpha Tales book. For morning centers, we put rocks on our moon rock ten frames, made our numbers with apple number playdoh mats, matched upper- and lower-case ABCs with rockets, and painted our moon with foil for our astronaut craft.  During afternoon centers, we rolled a die and matched the number planet by putting that many rocks on it, colored a rocket color by number, colored our astronaut and flag for our astronaut craft, and cut and paste our A says /a/ page. We also worked some more on our Original Works project.

On Wednesday we, focused on an apple theme. We read the books Apple Trouble and Max & Mo – Let’s Go Apple Picking. During morning centers, we played a Ten Apples Up on Top game with dice, traced/wrote the letter Aa, did a letter Aa letter find page, and counted out apple erasers with apple ten frames. During afternoon centers, we finished our astronaut craft, made patterns out of linking chains and made apples out of kinetic sand.  

On Thursday, we continued focusing on an apple theme. We read the books Ten Apples Up on Top and Under the Apple Tree. For centers, we made towers with unifix cubes and numbered apple mats, matched upper- and lower-case ABCs with an apple theme, and made a push pin apple art. For art, we painted with apples and made a “suncatcher” apple with tissue paper. In the afternoon, we got to taste a red, green and yellow apple and gave each one a thumbs up or thumbs down on whether we liked it or not. 

As always, if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week, 

Mrs. Brandi