Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter M! Here’s a snapshot….

On Tuesday our theme was If you give a moose a muffin. In centers the kids counted beads into muffin tins that had numbers on the bottom of the liners, they ‘fed the moose’ muffin letters once they matched the upper and lowercase, and they made moose antlers with their handprints. In the afternoon we read the book ‘If You Give A Moose A Muffin’ and then ate confetti muffins. This is always a fun theme, and the kids love the muffins in the afternoon! We ended the day by doing a listening activity with different size and colored muffin cards. I gave one and two step directions; this is a great activity for them to practice their listening skills and it’s always a challenge.

On Wednesday our theme was Mustaches. In centers the kids measured blocks with a big mustache and then wrote the number, they cut ‘hair,’ and they glued a mustache on the moose they made on Tuesday. These cute projects came home, I hope you noticed that they wrote on the back, ‘M is for Moose and Mustache.’ In afternoon centers the kids played ‘put the mustache on Mrs. Missy,’ they did letter lacing, and made faces with magnets. We ended our classroom time with an activity called ‘I mustache you a question.’ I asked the kids yes and no questions and they had to answer by putting their mustache in a pocket chart marked ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ We finally ended the day with chapel, which we will do once a month. The kids learned about creation; ask them how many days it took. 🙂

On Thursday we were a sea of red! In centers the kids rolled and counted ‘apples’ (pom poms) on to trees using tweezers, they colored name puzzles, and they cut and glued their moon they created last week and put together their astronaut project. These turned out super cute!!! In afternoon centers the kids cut out their name puzzles and then put them together and spelled them. These came home, please have them practice pointing to the letters and spelling their names. The kids also built with geometric builders and made letters with play dough. We ended the day with art. The kids painted a fall tree using cotton balls and fall colors. They turned out really pretty!

Looking forward to next week. A whole new month already, it’s hard to believe. I posted some pictures on the Group Me app on Wednesday. If you do not have the app yet, please download it. It’s the easiest way for me to communicate with all of you at once and the direct message option has worked really well for questions and to report absences, etc. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need anything.

Take Care,