Hi Parents,

We had a great first week of school! Here is a snapshot of the week…

The first day of school was all about getting to know each other, our schedule, and getting used to being at school all day long. In morning centers, the kids made numbers with snap cubes, used cookie cutter shapes in kinetic sand, and drew themselves and wrote their name on their first day of school sheet. In the afternoon the kids worked with pattern blocks, put together puzzles, and practiced writing their names. We ended the day by talking about emotions and what we might be feeling the first day of school. We read the book, ‘First Day Jitters.’ I passed out emotion cards, happy, mad, sad, worried, etc., and the kids had to find their partner with the matching card. We had time to go outside and play on the playground before it was time to go home.

On Wednesday our theme was All About Me. In morning centers, the kids made numbers with monkey string, they made shapes with popsicle sticks, and they spelled, built, and wrote their names. In afternoon centers the kids worked with magnets, used connector circles, and colored and decorated their names. We ended the day by going on a nature walk way behind the church. Ask your kids about the ‘watermelon’ game!

On Thursday our theme was also All About Me. They spent morning centers, sorting bugs by color, cutting lines, and writing their names. They also looked in the mirror and drew themselves. In afternoon centers the kids made letters with play dough, used beads with funnels, and cut out circles and ovals and sorted them. We also did show and share, and the kids were able to hold up the sheet they filled out and talk about their family, what they want to be when they grow up, and how old they are. The kids loved our nature walk so much the day before we took another one Thursday to end our day.

I had a wonderful week getting to know each of your kids. It will take some time for them to get used to our schedule and the first week they did great!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything. You can message me privately on the GroupMe app.

Take Care,