Welcome to Mrs. Brandi’s weekly webpage. I will be updating this page every week to let you know what we did in class. I know most of the time you will ask your children what they did in school that day and they will commonly say, “Play”. But, this page is to tell you more of what a day in All-day Pre-K looks like. Also, I encourage you to download the Group Me App as this is where I will be sending reminders and pictures of our class throughout the year. I have added whomever numbers that I have gotten back. Please, if you did not send back the sheet for this app, please do so.

This we week focused on getting to know one another. We learned how to work with others in centers, listen during circle time, shared with each other and learn to play together.

On Tuesday, we started our day by coloring a First Day of School coloring page while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Then we got to spend some time listening and dancing to songs in the big room, We then went back to our classroom and sat for circle time. Here we learn about our monthly colors, shapes, letters and numbers. We also have calendar and weather time. After circle time, we go into our centers. For centers today, we made numbers out of snap cubes, finished coloring our first day of school page, colored a picture of ourselves and wrote our name on a “This is me” first day page, and laced with letters.  For afternoon centers, we patterned with bears, played with tanagram puzzles, made our ABCs with playdoh and worked on word puzzles. We also got our hands painted for a First Day poem. 

On Wednesday, we started with practicing tracing/writing our names. I read the book First Day Jitters. During centers, we rolled a die and put that many unifix cubes together to make towers, colored our names to make into a name crayon puzzle, drew our faces while looking into a mirror, and used linking chains to make a pattern. For afternoon centers, we practiced name writing, laced with lacing beads, made letters with geo boards and answered question about ourselves. we also got our picture taken for our first day of pre-k pictures. we then went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

On Thursday, we started by practicing our names. I read the book If  You Take a Mouse to School. During centers, we made shapes with cookie cutters and kinetic sand, we traced and built out names with letters, worked on decorating the first letter of our names, and matched the color of unifix cubes to match the picture from 1-10. For art, we did a following direction project. We made a pencil out of construction paper and then wrote our name on it. At the end of the day, we got to come up to the front of the class and go over our “All About Me” pages that we did with our parents.

I will be sending home a copy of your child’s name to practice at home. It will be put into a plastic sheet protector and you can just use a dry erase marker to trace and then try and write their name. Please try and practice this frequently, since they will need to know how to write their name in Kindergarten. 

As you can see, we are very busy during the day. If you ever have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to contact me either through the Group Me App, email or you can call me at the school.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi