Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom!


This week, we focused on the theme, “All About Me’ & apples!


On Monday & Tuesday, centers were name tracing,  & arranging & identifying body part cards & putting them together.  We also did  a “Me in the mirror” activity where the kids looked in the mirror at their eye color, hair color, etc. & did a self portrait, In addition, they did a center of finding their name & circling it, and another center where they would stack unifix cubes to measure their arm, fingers, hands, etc.

Our art project was making  “ME” art, where they chose their body parts & glued them together.  They are super cute!


Wednesday & Thursday was apple day. Our centers were coloring an apple for our A ABC page, drawing lines to connect apples to baskets, & using tweezers to pick up apple erasers. We also used a fun sensory bin to scoop out apples & put them in baskets & finally, we used our fanta boards to match colors to make an apple ‘mosaic’. 

*Our art project was another activity where the kids glued apples on baskets to spell out their names.  They turned out great!

The books we read were “Parts” & “The Apples on the Tree”


We had a very busy & fun second week.  I think everyone is adjusting & becoming more comfortable in school….yay! The “Group Me” app should be up & running now.  Feel free to contact me there if you have any questions.

REMINDER–next Wednesday, September 20th is DQ night from 4-7 at the St. John location.  Hope to see you there!


Until next week,

Mrs. Kelli