This week was our apple week! Tuesday was A is for apple day. We started the day practicing tracing and writing our names. In morning centers, we wrote capital and lowercase A in quick kits, colored letters in our name apples, sorted different color apples, and cut apples and glued them in order. In afternoon centers, we traced different lines in quick kits, cut and traced letters and matched them to their uppercase letter match, counted apples, and painted with dabber apples. At the end of the day, we did makeup work from the day and had story time with apple books.

Wednesday was wear red day and ten apples up on top. We started the day playing toys with friends and read ten apples up on top. In morning centers, we started a red book with tracing and coloring, we did a red page with playdoh, did paint dabbers with apples up on top of animals, and sorted apple cards. In afternoon centers, we finished our red books, cut and spelled the word red and drew something that is red, played apple seed dominoes, and made apple with playdoh on apple tree mats. At the end of the day we finished work from the day and had story time.

Thursday was apple tasting day. The kids have been waiting for this day all week! We started the day coloring an apple. In centers, we started coloring our art project, counted apples and drew a line to the number, used apple stamps, and did playdoh apples. For art, we made laminated tissue paper apples. The kids got to rip up tissue paper and put it in a cut out apple. I then laminated them and cut them out to put in our classroom window. At the end of the day, we tasted 3 different apples (red green and yellow) then we voted on our favorite. Yellow won! Looking forward to seeing you next week for our A week filled with astronauts, alligators, and ants!