This week our theme was Pete the Cat! Tuesday, we starting the day with a Pete the Cat coloring sheet. We did our circle time and then played in the big room. At morning centers, we practiced tracing different kinds of lines, wrote our letters in our names, finished different patterns with Pete’s shoes, and sorted buttons by color. At afternoon centers, we cut and glue buttons, colored a color by number, counted buttons, and put different buttons on Pete the Cat! At the end of the day, we did a cause and effect activity based on Pete’s shoe book. We also listened to Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons book and danced and sang along!

Wednesday we started the morning tracing and writing our names. We read Pete’s magic glasses book during circle time. For morning centers, we did a writing activity of what they would see if they had magic glasses. The kids put together foam puzzles of numbers and letters. They also played a button game where they had to add and take away buttons. They also did a craft making Pete’s shoe. In afternoon centers, we worked on positional words and the kids had to paste Pete next to, above, below, and between school buses. They did the second part of the craft and made the cat to go inside the shoe. They also got to play with kinetic sand and put together patterns and towers using color cubes. At the end of the day, we made our own Pete the cat books based on what Pete stepped in to change his shoe color! We also read some more Pete the cat stories.

Thursday was a fun Pete the Cat day! We started the day with a coloring sheet and then had fun during circle time. The kids are really getting to know their jobs more and how the calendar works. In morning centers, they got to color a page based on what color their school shoes were that day. They got to do shoe patterns and did some counting buttons based on the number they chose. We also practiced cutting lines today. They are getting better with this! For art, we made our very own Pete the Cat! The kids really loved making these 🙂 At the end of the day, they got to color, read books, and play with their friends. Then I read a couple more Pete the cat stories before going home for the weekend. Next week is A week so come prepared to learn about the letter A, Astronauts, and Apples!