This week was A week! We started the week with ABC astronauts day. Morning work was to color an astronaut. We read the 5 little astronauts during circle time. In morning centers, we colored an astronaut and flag, played with kinetic sand by making letters, did some moon rock counting, and cut out an astronaut. We also started our original works. In afternoon centers, we finished our astronauts, cut and glued 5 little astronauts, did a rhyming quick kit, and made numbers with kinetic sand. For art class, we painted using foil and made moons for our astronaut project. Once the paint dries they add their astronaut and flag to their moon and add stars. They are hung up in our hallway and look super cute! Story time ended our day with some astronaut books.

Wednesday was Ally Alligator day. Ally is one of our Zoophonics animals and says the “a” sound. We started the day practicing writing our names. In morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lowercase A, did our A cutting page, counted moon rocks, and made our own Ally the Alligator! In afternoon centers, we finished our alligators and our lion hand prints, made A’s with play doh, and played an alpha pops game. We had chapel at the end of the day and talked about creation. We ended the day with some alligator books. Thank you all that came out to our DQ night!

Thursday was Ants in the pants day. We played with toys in the morning and had circle time. In morning centers, we played the ants in the pants game. The kids loved this! We also played with a letter construction kit and did an “a” is for ant activity. In afternoon centers, we painted circles with paint dabbers, did a numbers puzzle, and made shapes with tangrams. At the end of the day, we finished our work and had story time. We sang the ants go marching song, which was so fun with the kids. Looking forward to M week next week with moose, muffins, and mustache and our field trip!