This week we learned about the letter “A!” Tuesday’s theme was A is for Astronaut. For morning work, we colored an astronaut. After circle time, we read a poem called “5 little Astronauts.” In morning centers, we did our September writing sample (we will do these each month throughout the school year to see their progress), practiced writing upper and lower case A’s. For math, we did Astronaut numbers and cut and glued the 5 little astronauts from the poem. In afternoon centers, we started our Original Works and finished our astronaut cutting. We also did moon paintings with foil! These turned out really cool 🙂 We also got to play with kinetic sand and did some lacing cards. At the end of the day, we did an A for Astronaut craft and got to color, cut, and assemble a cute little astronaut. To end the day we read some stories about space.

Wednesday’s theme was Ten Apples Up on Top. For morning work, we practiced writing our first and last names. After circle time, we read the book “Ten Apples Up on Top.” In morning centers, we practiced tracing different kinds of lines. We also finished our astronaut craft by coloring an astronaut and flag to go on the moon we made the day before. They got to play apple dominoes and cut apple pieces 1-5 and then glue them in order onto a sheet of construction paper. For afternoon centers, they counted apples and then chose the right number using clothespins. They also had to find how many apples and write them in a ten frame. We got to use paint dabbers for the first time and dab each apple onto an animal from the book “Ten Apples Up on Top.” They loved using these! We also did push pin art for the first time making an outline of an apple using push pins. We were practicing being very careful with these. They turned out great! At the end of the day, we played toys with our friends while I took their astronaut pictures and did some more Original Works. We also read some books about apples.

Thursday was our Apple Tasting day. The kids waited all week for this day! For morning work, we had to find all the capital and lower case A’s. In morning centers, we did more practicing writing the letter Aa, colored pictures of words that start with A, and finished our push pin apples. We also counted apples and made a paint dabber apple. For art, we made 2 awesome apple art projects! The first we ripped up tissue paper and put them inside an apple cut out to make a suncatcher. After that, we made apples with torn paper and glued them onto an apple to bring home to our moms and dads. You will get these next week since the glue had to dry. I hope you love these as much as I do! Finally at the end of the day we got to taste 3 different apples (red, green, and yellow.) Then we voted on which one was our favorite. Yellow actually won for the class but it was a very close vote! We ended the day with books about the letter A. Next week is “M” week, so come prepared to read “If you give a Moose a Muffin,” and learn about the letter M with a mustache day. To end the week, we will wear our color of the month to school, which is the color red and celebrate our first birthday, Gianna!