Happy first week of school!

Our first day of school was filled with fun and learning. We started the day coloring the “first day of school” coloring page. We got assigned our first classroom jobs for the week and did our circle time. We sing songs, the pledge of allegiance, calendar, shapes, numbers, and we read a book. Then we went for a bathroom break and had play time in the big room. For morning centers, we practiced writing our names in our writing center, talked about the letters of our name for Phonics, did a counting caterpillar puzzle for math, and played in a sensory bin for our sensory center. Next we had recess and lunch. The kids love eating lunch at school! In afternoon centers, we wrote letters on our writing boards, did an alpha pops matching game, counted bears, and painted our hands to make hand prints for you. At the end of the day, we finished circle time and had story time.

Wednesday was an “all about me” day. It is fun getting to know each one of your children! We started the day practicing writing our names in our quick kits. You also got some to take home so please practice your names at home. In morning centers, we looked into mirrors and did self portraits, played a beginning letter sounds game, wrote and drew how many people are in our families, and played with some pop it toys. In afternoon centers, we started “all about me” books, played picture dominoes, and did some fine motor with lacing cards. At the end of the day, we shared half of our all about me papers and taped them on the wall in our classroom. We also had story time.

Thursday was a great end to the first week of school. We started the day playing with toys with our friends. In centers, we did our September writing sample, finished our all about me books, played with Tangram shapes, and strung beads onto string for fine motor. For art class, we made pencils with different shape construction paper. We wrote our names on them and glued them together. They are hung up on our wall in the hallway to display to everyone. At the end of the day, we shared the rest of our all about me papers and had story time.

Looking forward to next week! We are going to start talking about letter A and our theme for the week is apples! We are even going to taste 3 different color apples 🙂