This week we learned about the letter Bb!

Bb is for BUGS ! Some of our centers for today included making their own beehive . The kids had “recipe cards” that they used to show how many pieces of honey comb, bumble bees, and pollen they needed to make a bee hive! They also had an upper and lower case letter match up using honeycomb letters . We also finished our letter Bb cut and paste where they practiced writing Bb’s and finding pictures of things that start with the Bb sound. Tuesday is also art day! I called this project smash painting . We had a butterfly template they put drops of paint on one side and then smashed the other side on top to make a BEAUTIFUL almost tie dye butterfly.

Wednesday we used the Brown Bear Brown Bear book  as our theme ! The kids got to pick their own color and animal to draw in a creative writing center, played a memory game using the book characters, and had quick kits to help them learn how to write the letter Bb. We also had specials today so for my special I taught the kids how to use ASL to sign the brown bear book!
Thursday was all about Butterflies !  We talked a lot about the life cycle of a butterfly during circle time and then for a center they got to cut out and put the butterfly life cycle in proper order! I love doing these listening activities with them. Also on the listening note, we did a butterfly directed drawing! I drew a butterfly step by step and they had to watch and listen to my directions to create a butterfly of their own. They turned out great!!!

We had a great week and I was so happy to be back with the kids ❤️ Next week we learn about the letter Kk