The letter Kk is for

King! Tuesday was all about kings. We rolled 2 DICE and added them together to find out how many jewels were on the kings crown and answered some questions about our kings at home ( our dads!) We have some special projects for dads that we’ve been working very hard on this week. We are so excited for king and queens days next week!! Art this week was also focused on our moms and dads and I’m not giving details because I don’t want to spoil the surprise

Kk is also for kindness and kites ! We read books about what it means to be kind to our families and our friends, and our Earth! We also cut out letter Kk’s and turned them into kites, and for math we pulled numbers and gave them kite tails using counting links. We didn’t have specials this week to make sure we had everything ready for king and queens day !

Thursday we celebrated Earth Day! I posted some photos on GroupMe of the fun we had! The kids brought in recycling ( thank you for that!) and we spread it all around. We talked about how sad the Earth would be if it was covered in garbage and how important it is to take care of it. Then the kids got to kick all of the recycling to the recycle bins to make earth happy again. Mrs Trish even taught them how the recycling process works ! Of course we tied in some earth day centers and our earth day craft.

Next week is all about the letter Qq!