I hope everyone had a nice spring break.  It was fun hearing the stories that the children told about their break and they enjoyed sharing their flat Stanleys .

This week we concentrated on the letter “B” and the life cycle of a butterfly.

On Tuesday, The children practiced writing capital B’s and turning them into butterflies, they cut out and sequenced the life cycle of a butterfly, and they made name caterpillars.  We read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

For math they graphed bugs and wrote their mane in a 10 frame.

On Wednesday the class had an Easter egg hunt and dyed Easter eggs.  We were lucky to have two extra helpers (Mrs. Tiffany’s older sons).  We read a fun story about ta bunny looking for butterflies called Billy Bunny.

On Thursday, the children practiced doing kindergarten table work.  They did 2 writing activities and a cutting activity.  We read one of my favorites 10 Caterpillars.

Have a great weekend.


Mrs. Elaine