“C” is for cookie, cupcake, candy cane and Christmas.

This week the children were able to pretend to make Christmas cookies and cupcakes.  We enjoyed doing a candy cane experiment which might make everyone think twice before drinking another soda!

The two big themes of the week were animals in the winter and gift giving.  The class enjoyed hearing the story The Bear Stays Up for Christmas.  Although Bear is tired and ready to hibernate he wants to stay awake to enjoy Christmas with his friends.

The other story which the children enjoyed was Stranger in the Woods.  Two young children leave a snowman surprise for the animals in the woods to eat.  The class then crated a gift to leave for the birds in their own backyard.  Hopefully everyone found the bagel bird feeders in your child’s bag.

The children are working hard to learn the songs for the Christmas play.  I talked with each child to see if they want a speaking part (not everyone wants to speak).

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Elaine