Jj is for jellybeans, Jesus, and Jingle Bells!!

Tuesday was jellybean day! We did a listening activity where they had to follow directions on color and amount of jellybean to color. They got to graph jellybeans by color and by favorite flavors! For art this week we continued to work on our Christmas gifts. The kids are doing awesome!

Wednesday was jumping for Jesus ! We read stories about the night baby Jesus was born and talked about how special a gift Jesus was to us all. They sequenced baby Jesus in a manger from the smaller to largest and vice versus and did a letter Jj sound cut and paste page. We also matched upper and lower case stars like the one that lead Joseph and Mary that night.

Thursday we had all the fun using jingle bells. We counted out mini bells to match number cards, built magical houses out of bells and magnet blocks, practiced our letter Jj writing and created letters using  snap letter blocks. We also went over name writing . All of the class has done amazing practicing their names, so now I’m just making sure they are using proper capitalization and better sizing 🙂


Next week is letter Cc !! See you all Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend.