Oh what fun we had for letter Vv week!

Tuesday we celebrated Valentine’s Day by using that as our theme for centers. We had valentines addition and tens frames for our math, valentines beginning letter sounds for literacy and the kids got to decorate their year bags for the Valentines party. You would be surprised how great peeling backing off stickers is for fine motor! They also finished their letter Vv cut and paste for the week and later in the day matched upper and lower case letters using links. Another good way for them to strengthen those hand muscles !

Wednesday was party day!! Even thought our party wasn’t until the afternoon I tried to keep the day light and fun. We made a valentines windsock and did our classroom valentines exchange. Thank you to everyone that came out to help and enjoy the party with us !!

Thursday was Vv is for Veggies day. We all had the fun with veggies. The kids completed vegetable patterns, made “vegetable stew” with recipe cards they needed to follow, and of course practiced writing the letter Vv . We also got to paint with vegetables! We used broccoli as a stamp, celery to make little heart shapes and cut a green pepper to see the cool patterns it could make.

We had a great week with Vv and now on to the letter Hh.