D is for Dentist, D is for Dinosaur

This week we focused on the letter D, number recognition and letter recognition, counting and the color purple.

We read two Harold and the Purple Crayon books.  The classic story and Harold drawing dinosaurs.  The kids all created purple drawings.  I put out traceable dinosaurs to use with dry erase markers.  The dry erase center is a new favorite class spot for drawing and letter work.

We played several number games this week.  On Monday, the kids were given a large tooth and a dry erase marker.  There were numbers from 1 to 6 on the tooth.  In small groups they took turns rolling dice and coloring in the numbers – giving the tooth a bunch of cavities.  They used a toothbrush to clean off the cavities.  We also played number bingo, a letter hunt game on a tooth, and dinosaur number match.

I am seeing tremendous improvement in everyones letter writing.  Remember to encourage your child to write at home going from top to bottom and pressing firmly!

The children created a few fun dinosaur projects this week,   I am sorry about missing school but I did get some cute pictures sent to me which I will forward on the group me chat.

Looking Ahead: Next week is Dr. Seuss Week.

Have a great weekend.


Mrs. Elaine