Learning all about the dynamic letter Dd!

Tuesday was Dental day! We had some fun centers that’s included writing letters on teeth and erasing with toothbrushes, using pipe cleaners, blocks and playdoh to practice flossing and writing our letter DD’s. They also played a game of chance with a crocodile who clamps shut when you push teeth down. The kids rolled a dice and pushed that many teeth down hoping the crocodile didn’t bite them! We also did some snack sorting while talking about what foods are good and bad for our teeth.

Wednesday they loved Dd for dinosaur! We did a letter Dd cut and paste, we measured dinosaurs using unifix cubes, and had a creative writing. The kids got to draw and write about where they think the dinosaurs went when they became extinct. The answers always make me smile. In the afternoon we had Specials and then before they left I let the class enjoy some free play with Dino’s!

Also- ask you kid how cool it was to watch their Dino’s hatch in the classroom!!

Thursday was all about Dr Seuss as we celebrated his birthday! We made Thing art projects where the kids used diluted clue paint to create hair for their thing. Then they used a straw to blow and make the paint look crazy. For centers we of course practicing some rhyming, a Dr Seuss specialty, and did a letter hunt with our cat in the hat hats. We also read the book “ Oh the places you’ll go” and we talked about anywhere in the world the kids wanted to go. Another creative writing center that I love hearing the responses for!

Next week is all about the letter Ee! We will have elephant day, all about emotions, and egg day (Humpty Dumpty)