The letter this weeks was “L” for LOVE, LION and LADYBUG!

On Monday, we kicked off the week by writing a letter to future ABC students about why we Love ABC. The class also practiced word writing and wrote the word Love and dacorated a heart.  The big hit of the day (and week) was the mail writing center.  The children had a great time creating mail and ptting it in the mailbox.  Mail gets delivered at the end of class.  We will continue with this center for one more week.

On Tuesday, we read a book about lions and read the story The Lion and the Mouse.  The class practiced writing their letter L’s.

On Wednesday, we read the story The Grouchy Ladybug.  The children made a lady bug our of hearts that they cut.  They also made ladybug bracelets.

On Thursday, I attended an in-service on “Transitioning to Kindergarten”.  The class continued to enjoy the post office center, made bags for their Valentine’s and payed Bingo.

3 take aways from the in-service:

  1.  Kindergarten is very different form what my 30 year old son attended!  It is full day and a very packed schedule.
  2. Children should be able to write their name, identify their letters, and show independence.
  3. The school district is moving away from sight words and moving towards phonics.

There is an informational meeting at LCHS on 4/9 for parents at 6PM.

In order to better prepare the children I will be doing more writing and letter work.  I will also be doing drawing activities with the class to help with their writing skills.  At home parents should be reading stories and doing flash cards


Looking ahead:  The Valentine’s Day Party is on Monday at 9:15.

-Mrs. Elaine