The lovely letter Ll .

Tuesday we learned about the letter Ll using the theme of lovebugs! We used dice and a template for the kids to roll and draw a love bug. If they rolled a one they drew eyes, if they rolled a four they drew wings etc. It’s so fun seeing how they interpret their drawings. We also made love bugs out of hearts and the letters of their name. We used some playdoh and floam to help teach them how the monthly letters are shaped and started a craft showing all the things they love!
Wednesday we focused on Ll for last names. We practiced name writing using their quick kits and dry erase markers. They did a letter Ll cut and paste paper, and used dots on lady bugs to put the numbers in order 11-20. We also used q-tips and a dotting method for them to write out their last names. They did so great!
Thursday was for love letters. This is one of my fun days! The class gets to write letter to the new students for the upcoming school year. They get to pick their favorite thing about ABC and draw pictures of it to send to the new students. I love hearing what they come up with. Of course we also took time to perfect writing our letter Lls and worked on some math techniques. We’re working on one to one counting and some number sense. Showing how numbers are the same but can look different. Like the number 7 in a tens frame, or tally marks or using fingers!!

Next week is Vv week and celebrating Valentine’s Day ❤️