Letter Xx week


Tuesday was x for X-ray.
For centers we used magnifying glasses to match animal X-rays to their animal body. Used qtips as “bones” to make tally marks, and practiced writing the letter x. This is a harder letter for them to understand to slant the lines so it doesn’t turn into a t.
Art- we created our own X-rays by tracing our hands/ arms and putting qtips in as our bones.

Wednesday was X at the end.

For centers we talked about how there aren’t many words that start with X but there are a lot that have an X in them. We used words that end in X to help with our rhyming and an X words memory game. We also used play doh and printouts of words like mix, six, t-rex, box, and fox to write out our X words.
Specials- the kids started specials again this week. They went from room to room and had refreshers courses in sign language, Spanish, phonics, and science!

Thursday we used the letter X to mark the spot!
For centers the kids cut out and glued pictures on to their very own treasure map. After they did that they each got a pair of binoculars and had to hunt down all the pictures that were spread throughout the school. To help with our letter recognition they also found golden coins that had letters on them. Then they had to find the matching letter in the room. To end the day as a group we completed the letter X cut and paste .