Extraordinary letter Xx

Tuesday was Xx for X-ray. The class got to use magnifying glasses to look and explore animal X-rays. Then he had to use what they saw to match the X-ray to the right animals. We also used qtips as “bones” to practice tally marks . For art they also made their very own hand X-ray!! We also used our writing kits to practice writing our upper and lower case Xx’s .

Wednesday we talked about words with Xx at the end. Not only does this help drive home the sound letter xx makes but also helps with some rhyming practice . They played a memory game and all of the pictures were letter x words, made Xx at the end words out of playdoh, Such as mix, six, t-Rex etc. As usual we also had specials this afternoon .

Thursday was I think their favorite day of all. X marks the spot. They used pirate pictures to make patterns, counted gold coins, and had a treasure hunt! Each kid got to design their own pirate spyglass to help find the pictures on the map. Then they colored the picture ad they found them, followed the map and of course, it led them to treasure !!! I love this activity and I know the kids had a good time with it.

Letters for the month of February – L, V, H, D

Numbers for a February – 15 &16

Shape- Heart

Colors- Pink & Purple