Wonderful letter Ww !

Tuesday was our winter wonderland day. We learned about winter animals, made name snowmen, did snowball letter matching, and practiced some winter patterning . We also used a snowman coloring page to get some extra practice in of using our listening ears! I gave them step by step instructions on how to color each part of the snowman.

Wednesday we had fun with watermelons. We used watermelon seeds to count, they cut out W’s to create their own watermelon, practiced writing the letter Ww, and Mrs Christy helped them with a watermelon letter search! The kids also started specials again this week. They went to each of the other all day teachers rooms and learned some, Spanish, extra phonics, math and sign language !!

Thursday was all about weather . We talk a lot about weather. We go over the weather during our daily calendar and discuss the four seasons. The kids had popsicle stick fences they had to put in numerical order with #’s 0-20, they created a pattern on sun rays, and completed their letter of the week cut and paste page. As a group in the afternoon the class sorted photos of things you use during certain seasons. Each kid got 2 pictures and we discussed which season the pictures belong with.

Next week we are learning about the letter Ii ! I can’t wait. See you Tuesday !