It was very nice meeting with parents today.  I am lucky to have such a wonderful group of students this year!

The letter this week was “I”.  I for ice storm so once again we had a day off.  Hopefully we are done with the crazy weather!

On Monday, we back tracked and read the story The Mitten by Jan Brett.  The children cut out a pair of mittens to display in the hallway.  They also decorated a mitten at the writing center and cut out all the animals that climbed inside.  Some of the children brought their animals home to cut since we were trying to catch up on assessment testing and pattern work.

On Tuesday, we had an ice day 🙁

On Wednesday,  we dove into letter I words by reading insect stories, going ice skating (using paper plates as ice skates) and playing with insects in the block center.  We also had chapel and heard the story Jonah and the Whale.

On Thursday, we practiced writing the letter I, heard a fun story about vanishing ice cream, made ice cream cones in the art center, played with ice cream in the dramatic play center and finally ate ice cream!


Looking ahead.  Next week the letter is X.  We will also predict what happens on groundhog day!


-Mrs. Elaine