Letter Ii week

Tuesday was actually an e-learning day. I was so happy to see all of the work that was done in our Google classroom. It looks like everyone was able to log in ok.
Wednesday we did I for igloos and ice skating to fill in for the off day on Tuesday. We of course completed our letter Ii cut and paste page, practiced some letter Ii writing and talked about the sounds the letter Ii makes. Ii is a harder one to teach since it very frequently makes two sounds. The class also got to use pretend ice cubes to create igloos of their own. They had to pick a card and recreate the igloo from the picture the the same number of blocks. We also used some laminated ice skates to work those fine motor muscles using laces. Our usual art day is Tuesday so we fit it in on Wednesday this week. We turned the kids into eskimos and used Legos to paint igloos.

Thursday was another Ii sound, and we used ice cream to teach them this Second Ii sound. We had ice cream cones with pictures on them and scoops of ice cream with letters on them. The class had to match the scoop with the cone that had the photo of something  starting  with that letter sound. For math we used blocks to measure the different heights of ice cream cones. Not only did they measure but also wrote out the number of blocks they used. The best part of the day was when we got to eat ice cream with marshmallows and sprinkles as a class!!