Hello! I hope you all had a great week! It was so nice to hear so many kids mention taking a walk or going to the park!! The sun is finally shining!!

On Monday and Tuesday we focused on the colors Black and white. These colors on their own are pretty recognizable but when together with grey and brown they are easily confused amongst preschool age children.

We made black and white prints and discussed the many things that are black, white, and a combo of both.

In our centers we practiced our name, counted black and white jewels, ABC match, found our name in a black/white sensory bin, used only the white pegs on a light bright- Yes they still make light brights and the kids loved it!

On Wed/Thur we reviewed all the letters we did in January!
We used paper plates to ice skate in the Big Room (letter I)

For our centers we did rainbow writing on a letter S, put playdoh on X, using a fork scooped Ws out of water,  color matching nut and bolt erasers, and math peg boards.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, hopefully the sunshine sticks around!

Mrs. Kristina