After a long Christmas break the kids were ready to get back to school!

The letter of the week was “S”.  Our focus this week was SNOW!

We started the week by bringing a glass measuring cup full of snow into the classroom.  The children predicted what would happen to the snow (they were very excited to see it melt and shrink).  We also used the snow to talk about our five senses – the snow is cold, wet, white, and does not have a smell.  The children used scented markers to decorate a snowman.  They also created a snowman by using a template to roll over the snowman.  They removed the template to create a black snowman on a white sky.

On Tuesday, the class cut out three circles and glued them together to make a snowman.  They were given paint to add finishing touches.  In the sensory table the children played with fake snow and polar bears.

On Wednesday, the class talked about the steps it takes to build a snowman.  They they cut out and glued cards in the correct order.

A few of the girls decided to make a “nail salon” out of blocks.  On Thursday, I surprised them with little jars, a fake emory board and makeup brushes.  The nail salon was VERY busy!

On Thursday, we had a sink or float science center and the kids played with winter animals in shaving cream.

All the books this week focused on footprints in the snow.  Please have your child look out in the snow this weekend to see if they see any footprints (they are welcome to text me pictures).  I will bring in foot print pictures to see if they recognize who made the prints in the snow.

Finally, I started mid year evaluations this week.  While all the children are improving on their academic skills, what I am most proud of is the social progress they are making. The group team work and imagination going in every class is wonderful


Enjoy the snowy weekend.  If there is a snow day I will have a snow day activity post.  I will also put video books and songs on google classroom.

-Mrs. Elaine