This week was all about the letter Gg and what fun themes we had!!

Tuesday was growing gardens. We had so much fun using flowers to help practice one to one counting and fine motor. I have flowers on pipe cleaners with numbers on them and they got to string beads for that number. Some of the kids even got fancy and put their beads in a pattern! We also had a super fun flower cutting center . The kids will also get to bring home their very own greenhouses next week! We have them colored, cut out and ready for seeds. They will also bring home a paper they can record every couple of days what their seed looks like. In the afternoon we used our quick kits to practice writing the letter Gg and measured how tall flowers are using unifix cubes.

Gg is for gum ball!! One of things we work on a lot is understanding that numbers can be shown in many different ways. It’s called number sense . So for every number I try to teach them what it is in a tens frame, as tally marks, using fingers, etc. So for gum ball day I had gum all machines with number on it and they had to sort every number using number sense. Each number had a gum ball using different forms of the number on the machine. It takes them a little bit to sort them but they will use these skills in upcoming grades! We also had rhyming gum balls. There are some that are still struggling with rhyming words. If you’re in the car on the way to school see who can come up with rhymes. Ask what rhymes with tree or road and see what they say and to make it fun, let them give you words to rhyme also! The more practice the better !

Thursday was our St Patrick’s day theme, so we all wore green! ???? I was so happy we had 100% participation !  For centers we matched pots of gold and rainbows numbers, leprechauns and beginning Letter sounds, our letter Gg cut and paste page and a little more practice writing Gg’s, it’s a tough one. We made rainbow pots of gold out of hearts the kids cut out and had leprechaun stickers they used to create their own. Also, going along with the letter Gg, we planted grass !!! Each kid has a cup with dirt and grass seed. We’ll observe it over the next week or so and watch it grow!!

Next week is the letter Uu. This is also our last week before spring break!