The extraordinary letter Ee !

On Tuesday we used elephants to help us learn all about the letter Ee. The kids got to use links to create elephant trunks according to the number on the elephants ear, we worked on beginning sounds and did our letter Ee cut and paste page. You will get these pages at the end of the year in a little book and you get to see the progress as the year goes on. We also had art and we made our handprints into elephants !

Wednesday was all about emotions and emojis. We used emoji mini erasers to fill in tens frames and emoji uno cards to play “war”. Each kid got a card and then they had to figure out who had the biggest number and then they got to keep the cards! We also read a book about emotions how they can feel and how to share those emotions. For my ASL special today we learned how to sign our emotions as well!

Egg day! Thursday was Ee for egg. Which we almost named Humpty Dumpty day ! The class retold the nursery rhyme on their own and had to cut and glue the story pictures in the right order . We also used Humpty Dumpty to help us practice our rhyming. As you also saw on GroupMe, we had an eventful afternoon doing our egg- speriments. We had so much fun dropping our bags with shaving cream and paper clips etc with eggs in them from high up and predicting whether or not they would break! If you haven’t seen them check out GroupMe to see the photos!

next week we are learning about the letter Gg.