Hooray for the letter Nn!!

Tuesday was all about Noodles! We counted with noodles, got some fine motor practice in and used noodles for beading, and made noodles necklaces ! We also worked on some more opposites and they blew me away. They got the concept of opposites down really quickly! In the afternoon we used some geo boards and rubber bands to make letters and numbers .

Wednesday  was  Nn for numbers ! As you saw on GroupMe we had so much fun this day. We had “magic”numbers that appeared once you put water on them, number puzzles, Lego numbers and counting with paint dotters!! All the number fun!!! Then after lunch and recess we had specials !

Thursday was Name day! I introduced their last names into their name writing quick kits. They’ve all shown great ability to write first names so it was time! We also wrote our names in shaving cream with a paint brush or some used their fingers! I like to use sensory centers as much as possible. Every time we lined up today we also got to spell our names out loud before going to our spot in line. We are working on the correlation between the letters they write for their names and the actual letter recognition.


All in all we had a great week ! See you on Tuesday!